We understand the difference between product engineering and application development and have deep rooted this difference in our operations. Our R&D team have worked in product companies and understand the need for scalable designs, attention to detail and high quality that make good products.

Snapshot of Services
  • Research, Prototypes and Proof of Concepts
  • Design & Engineering
  • Porting, Migration and New Platform Support
  • Validation, Automation and Testing
  • Performance Testing and Analysis
  • Level 3 Product Support
  • Product Training Development & Documentation

The AlterEm Advantage
  • Passion for technology gives us a sense of ownership for the products we build
  • Disciplined design & development methodology
  • Flexibility & Agility that allow us to adapt to changing specifications
  • Our meticulous attention to detail assures you of a usable & reliable product
  • Team understands product development